Microwave recipes

The StoneWave cooker recipe blog is dedicated to finding easy new recipes that you can make  in your StoneWave!  Customers loved the 5 Minute Recipe guide that came with their new ceramic stoneware, but craved more options, hence this Recipe blog! Comment, share and add your own recipes so that the Stone Wave community can all enjoy them :)


9 responses to “About”

  1. Peggy Pappa says :

    I bought 2 cookers. The cookbook only has 1 receipt shown on the front. I would like to get the recipe for Onion Soup, apple slices baked and also the chocolate cake . none of those recipes are in the book.

  2. Trisha says :

    I have a great recipe for Cinnamon Meatloaf. How can I post the recipe with a picture?

  3. Don says :

    I need the cook book that came with the cooker. I tried the pouched eggs and they stuck. Ithought I read where cook 20 sec then let it set for 20 and finish with cooking 20 sec. I lost the book after one day

  4. Shey says :

    Would this make some ramen noodle for a dorm dweller?

  5. bonnie says :

    want the cookbook plz

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