5 Minute Recipe Book

5 Minute Recipe Book

5 Minute Recipe Book


Need another 5 Minute Recipe Book that comes with the Stone Wave?

Here is a printable version of the recipes that you can use for your own reference or giveaway with gifts!

26 responses to “5 Minute Recipe Book”

  1. Colton says :

    I Wish There Was Another Recipe Book

  2. Margaret says :

    I would like to see another recipe book with more recipes.

  3. Diana says :

    I would like to see a ton more appetizer dishes, Italian, vegan, vegetarian, Greek, German, Scottish, English, Irish, native American, Canadian, Amish, new England, and pizza. Also if you could make a bigger version of the pot for families, or for two.

  4. Geraldine says :

    I also would like to see more recipes. On how to make eggs and things. and make a family size one.

  5. sherry says :

    I love it as a single person too. But misplaced my book. just moved.

  6. Cil Parcels says :

    I was surprised to see such a small recipe booklet for a great micro idea for singles. Get buyers to register and receive new, updated, pictured recipes. Do’t just stop with this 17-page non-pictured booklet. Your TV ads was a result of buying something for this microwave age, tech world.
    Easy to clean, love the eggs, great not to get pots and or pan, turn on burner steps alternative.

  7. dick slater says :

    I agree. More recipes would be great!@!

  8. Patricia says :

    Just bought this cook wave and really would like to obtain more recipes. Send them along to my email or face book page. Thank You

  9. Tina says :

    There needs to be alot more recipes you would think you could find a ton of them but not so pretty limited would sell better if they had more things to cook

  10. Andrea says :

    Broke the top…how can I order another one?

  11. Shelley says :

    Here are some more recipe:

  12. Lois Isom says :

    I need some recipes please

  13. Fred Varlese says :

    Would love to see a large size stone wave cooker to cook for the family. Love the stone wave.

  14. ROBIN KELLER says :

    cant find chocolate cake recipe

  15. Roberta says :

    I’m sold. Just used it for the first time. Put 1/4cup of egg beaters in with a tablespoon of diced green chili. 1-1/2 min. Done. No pan, spatula, or plate to wash. And best of all, I used NO oil. My only problem, I need a couple more of these for my family too. PLEASE PLEASE do more recipes. If you don’t, I WILL.

  16. simone says :

    yes I would love to see a family sized one or at least a 2 or 3 person sized one, I made eggs in the morning for me and my husband only draw back was that I had to fiddle with two and split up the onions and peppers and divide the cheese into two pots I would have loved to have just dumped it all in one bigger one, have been very pleased with what I’ve cooked so far

  17. Rita Micheletti says :

    Need more recipes!!!!

  18. Nora says :

    I love my Stone Wave! Got one for Christmas and now I need to get more. I used it practically everyday. I enjoy making my Huevos Rancheros, I add my egg, polk a hole in the yolk, add some salsa and red chile (New Mexico) and top with cheese. Microwave for 1.5 minutes and it comes out just perfect.

  19. Trish says :

    My Dear Hubby got two for us for Valentine’s Day!!
    I used it for the first time today and made some Egg Beaters in it. I’m in LOVE with the stone wave cooker!! <3
    It would be nice to have a double size (for 2) and a family size one.
    And….. I just wish there were way more recipes in the pamphlet!!
    I'm going to experiment with different things to see what I can come up with.

  20. Tom J. says :

    I love mine!! I to hope you come out with another recipe book!!

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